“We have the equipment required for cost-efficient solutions”

Kirsebergs Plåt & Mekaniska Verkstad AB is a well-established company with its primary customer base in medium to large industries and sheet metal shops. The company has 11 employees and is located in Malmö, Sweden, the Greater Copenhagen metropolitan region.

We offer a very high capacity and quality, short delivery times and good prices on laser cutting of steel, stainless steel, aluminum-, copper- and brass alloys, thanks to our advanced laser cutting and pressbrake machines. We also offer milling and lathe work for details where required.

Whether it’s a prototype, a large or small production series or a single piece, we have the right equipment for cost-efficient solutions.

Although most of our customers are in southern Sweden, we service a growing customer base throughout the entire EU and beyond due to increasing demand for our expertise in laser cutting.

Our motto is to always be at the forefront of new technology. With a high production speed and precision equipment we can always offer our customers superior quality and short delivery times.

We will always provide you with a detailed offer and estimated delivery time.


Laser Cutting

High-speed cutting has several advantages. A low cost per piece and quicker delivery times. Precision is outstanding and laser cutting yields a burr-free result. Post-treatment is rarely required. Together these advantages provide a low production cost.


Bysoft Xpert 200
Our latest acquisition with a sheet size capacity of 3000 mm and 200 tons of applied pressure. Together with Bysoft 7 and our laser-machine, it offers central control over the CAD/CAM production through the use of a single interface.

Amada HFP 170-3
Computer-driven. Sheet size capacity of 3000 mm and 170 tons of applied pressure.


Kirsebergs Plåt uses ESAB welding equipment at all of its stations. Our welding equipment is trolley-mounted and water-cooled Caddy Tig 2200i and Origo Tig 3000i.

Milling – Lathe Work

MCFV – 100
For details requiring milling and/or lathe work, we offer this as a complement. Advanced multi-operation machines with a capacity of 25 different tools and near instant tool-switching, provides us with the capability to quickly and efficiently mill details with high precision.

Lathe Work
Lathe work with a rod feeding capacity up to 6 m and 40 mm diameter. Tool-switching capacity of 12 tools.

Owner / Director
Lasse Möller

Kent Berggren

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