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"Equipped for cost efficient solutions"

irsebergs Plåt & Mekaniska Verkstad AB is a well established company whose primary customers are body shops and medium to large industries. The company has a dozen employees and is located in the Øresund Region Malmö, Sweden.

We can with the help of an advanced laser cutting machine offer a very high capacity and quality, short delivery times and great prices on lasercutting, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and brass alloys.

As a complement, we also offer milling and lathe work for details where required.

We can handle everything from prototypes and single pieces to large production series.

We have the equipment necessary for cost-effective solutions.

We have most of our customers geographically close in southern Sweden, its always an advantage to have their provider at close range, communication becomes easier and shipping costs for finished materials decreases, but we can just as easily handle orders from further away. With us you can always get a detailed quote and estimated delivery time.

Please contact us to get an exact quote on your particular request!

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